We Repair Equipment Others Can't Or Won't

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BOSCH Washing Machine Repair

Prompt Service, Professional, Courteous, and Knowledgeable

"There was a load of wash in my BOSCH washing machine and it suddenly stopped in the middle of the cycle. I could not open the door and the SPIN and DRAIN switch did not work as well. Curtis came out and diagnosed the problem very quickly - drain pump obstruction. He fixed the problem swiftly by removing the blockage and it was very apparent that he knows his stuff very well. Very experienced, professional, and knowledgeable indeed!"- Fred B.


Prompt, Professional,Clean..A bit pricey, but worth it!

"Got things fixed correctly."- Ramon L.

Refrigerator Repair

Curtis knew what was the problem and how to repair..

"I will call Curtis for all my future repair needs. Thanks for the fast service repair!"-Steven W.

Repair on a Commercial Food Warmer

Promptness and No Hassle

"We greatly appreciate your great customer service and professionalism. The job was completed expeditiously and correctly. We would also like to thank Curtis Latson for his efforts and advice. We will definitely call your company for any necessary repair service on our appliances and highly recommend others to do the same."- Sophath M.

Electric steamer, Charcoal Broiler, Tortilla machine

Ability to make good repairs.

"I am the director of the Chevy's corporation, we have used Curtis Latson Services for three months, we had been looking for an appliance company to be a vender and maintain and perform repairs throughout the bay area at our Chevy's and El Torritos restaurants, Curtis has been to three of our restaurants to repair various pieces of Mexican restaurant equipment, we are extremely satisfied so far with his ability to make solid repairs, we will continue to use Curtis Latson Services."- Chevy's Restaurant

Deep Fryer Repair

Excellent Troubleshooting

"Our fryer went down, we had a big party and expected a full house of college kids, we called several companies telling them we need this fryer operational in two days no later, we were told it was factory parts, they could not get the parts in time, we found Curtis Latson Services on-line, he came out accessed the situation and called Fry Master and ordered the parts next day, he repaired our fryer, we found a company that we will be using exclusively to maintain all the equipment in our hotel, thanks Curtis, it is nice to have a company that delivers, our party was a success!"- Hotel Durant

Bluestar Range Repair

Very Organized

"Curtis was great. I couldn't believe how organized he was. He inspected our Bluestar and ordered the parts right on the spot. He had them delivered to us and installed them once they came. It doesn't get better than that. The last two guys over a two-year period just gave us excuses why they couldn't fix it but Curtis got it done in two weeks. Bravo!" -Luke G.

Appliance Repair

"We provide home owners with insurance for all their appliances in their home all over the country and the bay area, we have been using Curtis Latson Service for two years to go out and repair appliance for our clients, Curtis is Professional, Knowledgeable and very skilled, we have gotten nothing but good reports on his excellent service, he has really taken good care of our bay area clients."- American Home Shield

Stove Repair

He knew what to do!

"We smelled gas very strong by one of our stoves, we called several companies, none could pin point the leak, we called PG&E only to be told they don't provide service to appliances, my sister found Curtis Latson Services on-line, he came out we explained what was going on, he set up a return visit, he came with his tools totally disassembled the stove, it turned out to be our pilot tubing was rotted through causing the leak, I don't understand why the other companies didn't think to do that anyway Curtis repaired the stove and we will only use Curtis to maintain our restaurant equipment, he is the best service company I have dealt with, we have been in business for 20 years, thanks Curtis." - Tai Delight

Pizza Oven Repair

He took the time to do his research

"We own a Pizza shop down the street from the University of California, we are extremely busy feeding the college kids, they really depend on us our pizza oven went down last Monday, we called two companies before calling Curtis Latson Services, we had to shut the business down temporarily, the first company informed us that the data plate was no longer on the unit, their no way of getting the information needed to order parts for the oven, he walked out, the second company came out and said the same thing, this was turning into a really big deal, my boss started pricing pizza ovens, one like ours was close to $30,000 dollars, we were getting really nervous, I took one more chance and called a third company, it was Curtis Latson Services, he came out looked the oven over and informed us that the data plate was missing, my eyes began to water then he said he has a way to get information needed to order parts, he took the factory name of the oven, looked them up on-line, emailed them several pictures, they were able to determine the model, we ordered the parts needed, had them over nighted our oven was up and running the next day, wow, thank God for Curtis Latson Services."- Fat Slice Pizza

Beer Tap and Glycol system repair, Walk-in Cooler repair

Knowledgeable and Punctual

"We had several companies come out and attempt to repair our glycol system, big companies advertising their expertise in glycol sadly they didn't know very much, we found Curtis Latson Services on the Internet after reading all his services we decided to give this company a call, best decision I ever made, they not only repaired the glycol and walk in cooler, our thermo solar had never worked since I've been with Embassy Suites, Curtis turned out to be an expert on thermo solar what doesn't this guy specialize in, we now have a very skilled service company to call when we have break-downs which is all the time, one more thing he is scheduled to do a maintenance on our pool and jacuzzi, thanks Curtis, I might get a promotion because of your excellent service, I am looking really good to my boss." - Embassy Suites

Retarder Proofer Repair

Professionalism, attention to detail, gets it done right the first time.

"Curtis was great to work with. He comes in, reviews the situation, does some homework, then properly diagnoses the problem. Then he lets you know exactly what he needs to do and estimates the cost. Then he orders the parts and fixes it right. He also does all this quickly so you can get up and running. I will definitely call him with any problem I experience in the future. He is now my go to for sure."- Frank S.

Refrigerator Repair

Professional and very pleasant

"Curtis Latson Services was called to do an emergency repair of a double door refrigerator/freezer which stopped working. He came out quickly and diagnosed the problem and gave an estimate of repair. He returned quickly as parts arrived and installed them. He was professional and very pleasant and accommodating throughout the whole process and fixed the problem. The final outcome was very much appreciated."- Victoria C.

Microwave repair Bosch

Good information

"Fast services, ahead of schedule, perfect repair, right on time. A great job plus good information on how to maintain all my appliances. Highly recommended."- Gary F.



"Major appliances are the corner-stone of modern life, without these trusty devices people would be reduced to washing their clothes by hand and cooking over an open fire, Curtis Latson Services is known for providing Good Professional Service, very knowledgeable and good communication, simply the best service you would receive anywhere." - Jack M.

Bosch Disher and Thermadore Oven

Customer Service was Excellent

"We used Curtis to repair two appliances in our Berkeley home, a Bosch Dishwasher(motherboard), and a glass door on a Thermadore Oven. He was able to repair in one day and the oven just as soon as he ordered the glass. His customer service was excellent in both cases. He even replaced a metal panel that was cosmetic for the cost of the labor only. He was prompt and professional and I would recommend him highly on both of these manufacturers."- Lisa M.

Repaired Range, Repaired Washing Machine

Communication and Education

"Curtis is a great resource for appliance repairs. He was very helpful in quickly diagnosing multiple issues with a gas range and a commercial washer that I own. Will be using him again."- Ray M.

Refrigerator Repair

Knowledgeable about the cause.

"Sears wasn't going to make it until Thursday and the local big shops weren't going to make it until Monday, Curtis let me know the best he could do for me was later that afternoon, (Saturday). Same day service? I'll take it! We had a fridge full of groceries warming up and Curtis showed up, fixed the problem and charged a very reasonable rate (especially for a weekend call). We had a bit of a follow-up issue that needed a bit of tweaking, he was very responsive, and totally professional and things are humming along at a perfect temperature now. I wasn't able to be there for the follow-up visit, and my wife felt respected and listened to by Curtis. Very happy and will be using Curtis in the future."- Taylor S.

Washer Repair

He took the time to explain the nature of the problem

"This company is great! It seems that previously, every time we had an issue with our laundry machines or dishwashers, the appliance guy would come out and fiddle around and either not fix the problem or sell us a bill of goods, however, when Mr. Latson arrived, he promptly diagnosed the problem with our washing machine, pointed out a mechanical failure but explaining what we had been doing wrong that led to the error. He reviewed some simple buy critical instructions we'd not been following and gave me a stern but fair lecture about the importance of taking care of my machines. I certainly will use him again. Oh, and btw, use liquid detergent only." - Pinky Proph Epstein


Great work and repairs

"Excellent service, very quick and courteous. Highly recommend. Great work and repairs, will definitely be calling again for any repair or projects I have in the future. Outstanding quality, very tidy after everything was done absolutely no mess to clean up." - Crystal A.



"Great and prompt service" -Bach N.

Refrigerator Repair

Accurate Diagnosis

"Unlike Appliance Doctor who quickly sold me a $400 circuit board that didn't fix the problem, Curtis conducted a thorough evaluation of the issue and made the correct diagnosis and repair.

Highly recommend Curtis for reliable service and will use him for other appliance service." -Joe P.

Commercial Appliance Repair


"I had five different appliances, a jacuzzi, ice-machine, Commercial range, Commercial dishwasher, retarder proofer, I bought these from a liquidation, I needed a company skilled in advance repairs, out of three companies trying to repair the equipment, a friend referred Curtis Latson Services, they repaired all the equipment, I was able to meet my grand opening deadline, this is one of the more skilled companies, I strongly recommend them, thanks Curtis you are a life saver." - Micheal S.

Furnace Maintenance


"Curtis came to clean our 50 year old heater. We were very pleased wi the service he provided. He arrived at a pretty short notice and did a clean and thorough job. Beyond his professionalism, he turned out to be a great conversationalist and the time he cleaned our heater went by pleasantly." -Ad R.

Dryer Repair, Stove Repair & more

Professionalism and Quickness

"Outstanding job, Very friendly and has your best interest at heart. Everything Curtis has fixed for our house has stayed up and running, thank you thank you."-Chelly P.

Dryer Repair

Quick response to initial call!

"When I first called Curtis he came to investigate my dryer that same day. Amazing. While Curtis was not able to complete the work on my dryer, due to unforeseen circumstances...he did issue a refund and made things right."-Jenna C.

Mixer Repair

Promptness, Professionalism

"I called Curtis Latson services to repair my commercial Hobart dough mixer. Since we use the mixer several times a day, I needed it to be fixed asap. Curtis responded my call and explained the process of coming over to give me an estimate. Upon arrival, he checked the mixer and quickly located the problem and made a few calls to the part suppliers. After finding that the parts available, and the price for them, he gave an excellent, honest estimate to fix the problem. He came to my business around 9:00 am and whole repair was done before noon."- George B.

"I can't be happier for the service I've received. Very professional guy."- George B.

Owner (Turkish Kitchen Restaurant)

Highly recommended.

Refrigerator Repair

The fact that the problem was found quickly and the refrigerator was repairable.

"Curtis is a polite gentleman who knows his appliances! He quickly found the problem and worked with us to get our refrigerator fixed in a timely manner." - Vanessa J.

Heating System Repair

Fast and Knowledgeable of the problem

"We met Curtis through another contractor and when the gentleman could not complete the job he was hired for Curtis stepped in. He was professional, honest and made sure we understood the problem. He has been great and I will be referring him to people I know based on the fact he knows his craft." - Johnie W.

Pool Repair

Most Reasonable and Quick Response

"I called around and he was the most reasonable and did an excellent job.!! I had trouble getting an estimate without waiting few days .. Curtis Larson Services came within 24hrs!! He is totally dependable!! My pool has heat again and we are enjoying swimming again!!" -April G.

Electric rewiring for my home

He was very knowledgeable and made sure the problem was solved, and affordable

"I can say with confidence I recommend his service to my friends!" -Dana H.

Refrigerator, washer & dryer repair and hot tub service

All services were done expertly. Price was reasonable.

"Curtis was prompt, completed the work quickly, was friendly and extremely service oriented."

I have had numerous repair services over the years & Curtis is among the best hands down. I highly recommend him and will always use him in the future."

Refrigerator and washer/dryer repair

Curtis was incredibly reliable and pleasant to work with. I absolutely recommend his services!

"Curtis is professional and does great work!!"- Krista B.

Electrical and Central Heating

Timely completion of work, shows up on time, excellent work, reasonable pricing

"I would recommend this servicer to anyone looking for good honest quality work. I have used him on 3 different project. His pricing is very reasonable. He is timely, knowledgeable. And all about business." -Sue H.

Several; furnace repairs, appliance repairs, laundry equipment...

On time, great communication of the problem and step needed for repairs. Competitive pricing and courteous service.

"Yes I am in the rental property business and it is a challenge finding someone you can trust to be on time, give you a fair quote and return you phone calls! I have been working with Curtis for about a year now and will continue to call him as long as he keeps answering the phone." - Della G.

Washer repair

He ordered and replaced some worn out parts on my Bosch washing machine. He was knowledgeable and efficient.

"It was difficult to find a technician able to repair Bosch washers. Curtis diagnosed problem, ordered necessary parts, and returned to service the machine within a few days’ time. Nice to have a local repair service table to do that." - Kathleen B.

Stove Repair

That Curtis knew what to do to repair the stove

"I was impressed to see how much Curtis knew about the work he does. He found the problem with the burner, removed the valve and had to search for one. This took some time as my O'Keefe & Merritt stove is an old one. He did it and my stove is up and running again and I am a Happy Camper."- Mary P.


Revco Refrigerator Repair

Repairing a Freon leak.